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December 31, 2013

Your Perks have left the building!

BSM_Poster_Art-3.jpg Dear Indie Go Go supporters.

YOUR PERKS HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING! Well many off them have and the rest will be shipping out within the next two weeks. And I have to say you will not be disappointed. Or at least that is our hope. I was very proud of the work we were stuffing in envelopes and putting in boxes. Mike and I are very lucky to have a partner in the supremely talents Angelo Warner the creative genius behind most of our merch and much of our on line imaging. It really matters to him and to us that what you get from The Reigning Monarchs is not just quality but special. You are a select group of people with rarefied taste. The Monarchs aren't just a band we're a gang, a club, for sweater loving, surf skanking misfits, that have a predilection for bow ties, vintage amps and combat boots. So it is with great joy that we begin shipping you the treats you so rightly deserve. If you do not receive your PERK by Feb 1. Hit os at EstoyMerchandise@gmail.comand we'll, unlike the United States Of America, make actual reparations.  Happy New Year and Sweat-tah uuuuup!

USA and Sweater
Posted by Greg @ Dec 31, 2013 at 12:49pm
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