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December 7, 2013

The Story of The Nutskanker Sweet

902_10152407242249045_712229633_n.jpg Last year amidst our furious flight to fund the album that would become Black Sweater Massacre, Mike and I sat in front of my Christmas tree and Angelo iPhoned our version God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen as a thank you to all our loyal and awesome contributors. We titled it God Rest Ye Merry Sweaterman and it became one of our most watched videos. This year we wanted to take it a step further and go into the studio and record an X-mas song. We bounced around a few ideas from Rocking Around The Christmas Tree to Carol of The Bells and then Mike sent me a demo of The Nutcracker. His version combined The Dance of The Sugar Plum Ferries into The March of the Nutcracker. I was sold! 

As a tiny kid and and well into my late 20's my family and I would attend the San Francisco Ballet's version of the Nutcracker every Christmas. It was the closest our family ever came to attending church or having a religious ritual surrounding the holiday. I'm not saying I was always into it, or loved it, but as time grew on it became a part of who I am. For me personally just the sound of the music reminds me of what the Holidays are supposed to be about: A commitment to being together. That's my take.Despite our differences, our ages, what was going on in our lives, even missing a playoff game*, we did this thing together come hell or high hangover! So it was meaningful for me to get to then go and record Mike's amazing arrangement of this Holiday Classic. 

A good Christmas song, especially those recorded between 1940 to 1968, can transcend ideology, or at least transmit a kind of warmth or optimism that allows you to put down your burden for just moment and remind you to bask in the glow of friends and family, for in the end thats all we have, and all we are. 

OK, please don't think we've gone soft on you, this song has all the earmarks of a regular Monarch's jam: Tons o' reverb, skanky rhythms, total guitar thuggery, Blair Sinta, a chunk brass, a stellar piece of cover art by Kristen Nicholson, and art directed by merch and video guru Angelo Warner. The track was recorded and mixed by USA Michael Eisenstein and mastered by Hans DeKlein! And it will be featured on Joe Sib's punk rock Complete Control Radio Holiday Edition!

So without further adieu here is THE NUTSKANKER SWEET (available at iTunes etc later this week)

*My father snuck in a tiny portable TV and watched the game until my mom noticed the strange glow emanating from his crotch. 
Posted by Greg @ Dec 7, 2013 at 3:08pm
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