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November 26, 2013

Re: Crowdfunding


A year ago today we started our Indie Go Go campaign to raise 10K in order to make the record that would become BLACK SWEATER MASSACRE. In 45 days we raised almost three times that much and set out on what would become, for me anyway, the dream of a lifetime: Five days in an actual studio, a real photo shoot, a crack publicist who has helped land us some killer press. and ultimately the ability to make the best record of our short but stunning career :) In March, fingers crossed, we will embark on a west coast tour and continue documenting this pretty amazing ride. 

But this doesn't happen without you. A lot of people have criticized the whole crowd funding idea. Especially of it's coming from someone who is perceived as having already "made it" in show business. I'm neither surprised or bothered by it. I get it. But the fact is in our particular story or mine at least that we didn't have the money. There's no need to rehash an already trotted out story, but I'd had a couple of 5 bad years in a row. We had neither the recourses nor the money to make a full blown record. Our fans, and my fans have always asked "How can I help? What can I contribute?" And then Indie Go Go came to us, out of the blue, and said you guys should really give this crowdfunding shot. And what I've realized in this life is you don't get help if you don't ask for it. And so we did. And so you gave. That's all crowdsourcing is. Asking for help in exchange for goods and lion head stamped guitar picks. 

It's hard when you are on the receiving end of an almost inconceivable gift to transmit back the gratitude. Yes if you invested in us you will be receiving perks from Angelo the band and I in mid December. but it's hardly a tenth of what you've given to us. And BTW the perks are amazing. If we had to do it all again the only thing we'd do differently is tell you it would take a year to get your perks because for the most part Angelo made most of them by hand in my garage. If you know us then you know it's tre' important that everything we do have as much care put into it as we put into the music itself. The Reigning Monarchs are not just a band we are a lifestyle. A lifestyle you helped create and will soon become indoctrinated into with your t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, ties, band rags, pins, stickers. posters, sheet music, laminates, cds, and free downloads (You should have already gotten the downloads, if not let us know). Here's hoping you have the finest of holidays and look for more announcements and surprises from the band you helped become, The Reigning Monarchs! 

Sweater up! 

USA and Sweater

Posted by Greg @ Nov 26, 2013 at 12:36pm
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