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December 2, 2014

Now is the time to become a Lion!

LIONS-Logo-2c.jpg For the past 6 months we have experimented with a new way of generating revenue to record, make merchandise, etc. It's called Amplifi Music. We call it the Lion's Lounge it's a subscription service where for $4 a month you get a NEW ORIGINAL SONG every month plus videos, deals on merch, and other goodies. It's awesome and the music can only be found there. Not on Bandcamp not on iTunes only in The Lions Lounge! 
So why now? Because if you join TODAY you get 6 original songs and a new song every month after that! 6 songs! The Bonneville, Cecelia Ann, Redondo, Apple Jack, Sea Ghost, and the new The King's Beat featuring our drummer Blair Sinta! What are you waiting for punk??? Go! Join the brotherhood and become a LION! 

It is just another way to support the Monarchs and help us continue to do what we do best... blow your mind with instrumental goodness! 
Posted by Greg @ Dec 2, 2014 at 10:11am
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